We Are Stardust


From my Facebook page: LA VIDA YAYA·SUNDAY, AUGUST 12, 2018

Professor Brian Cox appeared on my tv one day and I was mesmerized by his overwhelming depiction of the sky and stars. He talks about the origin of the universe, the particles of which we are all made of, then he looks straight into the camera and affirms: We are all made of stardust.
Recently, I’ve been dealing with some health and spiritual issues, or rather, addressing my issues. I’ve seen several doctors and consulted with spiritual leaders who have guided me in one direction or another. My interest in Native American cultures and passive love of science, particularly the cosmos, has revealed to me something so deep yet so simple: We Are All Stardust. We can debate religion vs science but from our ancient traditions, they are both related and aligned. Our inherited traditions as native peoples and people of color derived from our ancestor’s study of nature. Since the industrial revolution, we disconnected from these beliefs because now we had to prove our theories through western science. Our drive to live in harmony with nature was replaced with a drive to survive, move to emerging cities, live in closer quarters, and make paper and metal money. This may be a simplistic way of explaining this but for my purpose, this is the connection I want to draw. From understanding that we live under a sheet of stars that move and travel, to being disassociated with this experience by living under artificial light and following a physical clock instead of a biological one.
I had several questions for my primary care doctor who I’m still getting to know. He’s really understanding and takes time to explain things to me unlike others who are on the clock with a backlog of patients waiting for 5 minutes of their time. This past week, he explained to me that I’m in my 40s now. Our bodies, at this age, need time to re-set, crash and re-set. I wanted a B12 shot, and he said, that’s just paying for expensive urine. If your body doesn’t need it, it just gets flushed out. It all depends on the nutrition we are taking in to our bodies. I’ve been on a strict diet and lost weight. I am eating healthy and taking vitamins but my energy level is just the pits! He just shrugged and said there’s no magic pill you’re just middle age. He has patients, especially older patients, that insist on B12 shots and he may or may not comply but to him, it’s just a waste of money. However, I think our elders might know a thing or two. I’m not as quick to dismiss them as we tend to do in this society.
On the other hand, my spiritual adviser reaffirms that we are all made of energy. When 7 planets go into retrograde, they are in the process of re-setting, and we do the same. Their shift affects us, our mind and our body. We have an amazing eclipse coming us and it’s powerful force affects us. Several of my friends have been complaining about the negative vibes they’ve been feeling lately. We are now so dependent on electronics. We have wireless machines emitting invisible wavelengths surrounding us in this connected society. Could that be adding to the sluggish cranky mood we’ve been in?
Perhaps it’s time to visit the mountains, oceans, and rivers. Unplug our mobile devices and reconnect with the energy of nature. Connect with the cosmos. Look up into the sky and sit still. Watch the stars and universe shoot across our sky. View the slow fading of the sun and the brilliance of the natural world we live in. Science, medicine, spirituality all agree: We are stardust.

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