Spirit of the Southside

I was just re-appointed to serve on the San Antonio Arts Commission representing district 3 on the southside of town. We don't get much public art here. We get car lots and mobile phone shops. Now with the Missions' World Heritage designation, the city is working to beautify the immediate area that leads tourist from... Continue Reading →


Where you from?

This question has been asked of me for a very long time. The tone has varied and my answer depends on that tone. When I moved to Los Angeles to go to college everyone was from somewhere. Even if they were from LA, they were from different parts of the county or Southern California. Every... Continue Reading →

In Defense of Public Art

My letter in defense of public art went into record and was read out loud by City Councilwoman Rebecca Viagran at today's city council meeting. March 9, 2017 Dear Mayor Taylor and City Councilmembers, I am your district 3 representative on the City of San Antonio’s Art Commission and member of the Public Art committee.... Continue Reading →

Coming Full Circle

I've spent the past 20+ years in galleries, corporate offices, backstage, studios, outdoor parks and indoor stadiums living an artful life and now it has come full circle. My love of art, and music specifically, began with my parent's beige-yellow 4-foot wide console that took it's place of importance next to our color tv with... Continue Reading →

A Revamp

Welcome to my new La Vida Yaya site. I've wanted to get back to writing about the things I love the most and here I am at 2:00 in the morning deciding now would be the perfect time to start again. I feel fortunate to have been able to make a life out of living... Continue Reading →

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